Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I went RUNNING today!!!

Mike and I have been talking the past couple of months about the holiday pounds we put on and haven't been able to get off. Everyday our conversations go a little like this "soooo babe, when do you want to start running?" "I don't know, when we have time? We really need to." That's about the extent of it along with various other excuses, besides lack of time, we have no one to watch Hayden while we run together, we're tired, we have something else going on etc...

We've been eating healthier but sometimes that's just not enough, especially with Easter candy staring you in the face everytime you open the pantry door. Let's just say - that Easter candy wins out about every night... at least one piece does. Today it just popped in my head, "tonight when I get home, I'm changing my clothes and I'm going for a run, I'm sick of feeling like this." I had this thought, and literally said out loud, "yeah right, you know you won't." But I DID!

I went home, started laundry, started the dishes, changed my clothes, got my iPod going and away I went. I didn't even think about it. I walked for a bit jamming to my iPod and then took off running, thinking "oh this is gonna hurt soon" it didn't.


I ran.
I sweated my ass off.
I sang out loud to my music.
I dodged traffic.

It felt so good I got home did push ups and sit ups like I was Rocky!! I cannot wait to get home and do it all over tomorrow.

I never saw it coming

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

Last year I started seeing an old friend who I've known and talked to off and on for years. If ever I had believed in love at first sight - this was the time. Our first date lasted 4 days and went by way too fast. From that point forward we both knew what we wanted. Less than a year later I packed up all my belongings, quit my job, took my son out of preschool, kissed my family goodbye and cried for 3 hours straight on the drive to Lee's Summit, Missouri. There I would unpack, find a new job, a new school for Hayden and live with the love of my life.

I know for those who know me this appeared to be a fast move for both of us, especially with kids involved, but the heart knows what the heart wants, right? So far this all sounds like sunshine and rainbows but that's where you would be wrong.

Yes - it is sunshine and rainbows most of the time, waking up to someone everyday knowing that's exactly where you are supposed to be. But this didn't come without a lot of growing pains in the beginning. We are still working on those growing pains.

The move was a good decision, that much is certain. Putting two families together with 4 kids total isn't as easy as it sounds. This makes for one big family. We've got split families for generations so we added two new sets of grandparents to the 4 sets we already had. This makes for a very confusing holiday schedule. We have different ways of raising our kids, and the other parents to think of in the process. We have had some long conversations about how to handle all these situations and so far it's looking like we've got things under control.

This man was someone who I never saw coming. I am convinced the way we met so many years ago and the desire to always check in on each other from time to time was exactly how everything was supposed to happen. The timing had to be just right. Now the time is right. This is by far the best decision I've made to date and I am excited to see the next chapter in our life.