Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I went RUNNING today!!!

Mike and I have been talking the past couple of months about the holiday pounds we put on and haven't been able to get off. Everyday our conversations go a little like this "soooo babe, when do you want to start running?" "I don't know, when we have time? We really need to." That's about the extent of it along with various other excuses, besides lack of time, we have no one to watch Hayden while we run together, we're tired, we have something else going on etc...

We've been eating healthier but sometimes that's just not enough, especially with Easter candy staring you in the face everytime you open the pantry door. Let's just say - that Easter candy wins out about every night... at least one piece does. Today it just popped in my head, "tonight when I get home, I'm changing my clothes and I'm going for a run, I'm sick of feeling like this." I had this thought, and literally said out loud, "yeah right, you know you won't." But I DID!

I went home, started laundry, started the dishes, changed my clothes, got my iPod going and away I went. I didn't even think about it. I walked for a bit jamming to my iPod and then took off running, thinking "oh this is gonna hurt soon" it didn't.


I ran.
I sweated my ass off.
I sang out loud to my music.
I dodged traffic.

It felt so good I got home did push ups and sit ups like I was Rocky!! I cannot wait to get home and do it all over tomorrow.

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